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Touch-Ups Over Another Technician's Work

(Requires consultation) It is Shanan Zickefoose's policy not to offer discounts to touch-up another technician's work. As a result of the numerous coupon deals and unlicensed persons performing subpar permanent cosmetic procedures, we had to implement a policy to never discount other technician's permanent makeup work. However, after all clients have completed corrections or touch ups over another technician's previous work at our current rates, you will be considered an established client of Shanan Zickefoose's. After you are an established client of Shanan Zickefoose, she will happily offer you the lifelong maintenance pricing that all of her client's receive, this price is provided in the office.  Touch-ups over another technician's work are never a cookie cutter approach, so please contact her for a consultation. On extremely rare occasions, new corrective or touch-up clients only require one visit, so pricing will be quoted for these cases.

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