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Should I get bottom Eyeliner?

We hear this question quite often. Many glamour magazines with articles on conventional makeup insist that women over the age of 50 should not get bottom eyeliner. Hogwash.

One of the reasons this is touted is “It will close your eyes and make them look smaller.” In our experience, this simply is not true. Eyeliner wrapped all the way around the eye will close it in, but a subtle bottom eyeliner can give your eye dimension and shape – making it look larger and defined.

That said, it is not often we would recommend bottom eyeliner only. This will emphasize the bottom curve of the eye and in some cases weigh it down. That isn’t usually a look we are trying to achieve. Most of the time, we will advise that a thin lash line enhancement be done as well to provide balance. However, if you have heavy upper lids and the upper lash line is not visible, then electing for the bottom only will save you a little money and may be all you need to shape your eye.

“Bottom Line” is that everyone is different. Talk with your professional to discuss options, your particular eye shape and your desired look. Think about what works for you.

Melisa Ferriola, LE, CPCP

Shanan Zickefoose, BSN, RN, CMM, CPCP

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