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All client pictures on this site are copyright of Shanan Zickefoose. They are pictures of my actual work. They are NOT stock photos and they are not re- touched, they are simply cropped for privacy of my clients. Rest assured; this is my actual work. Many of the local area technicians pictures are not of their original work, they are stock photos. Please look at the pictures to see they have been airbrushed and are purchased from a pigment company. I am happy to  offer more actual client photos during your consultation. 


Testimonials of Permanent Makeup and Corrections

I just need to tell you all how awesome and talented Shanan is... I love her not only for her ability to do her job with excellence but also as a friend!! I tell you I prayed for Shanan before I met her. I had wanted to have permanent makeup done for a very long time so a couple of friends and I got together and paid for a lady to come to Tahlequah and do our eyeliner 🙈🙈 that's where the nightmare and horror story started😳 this lady claimed to be professional but when it come down to it, she was everything but.. First she didn't have anything to numb the site with and then she would fill my eyes with ink so for the next 4 days I leaked ink out of my eyes.. Then for the touch ups it took us about 4 mo. To get her to come back, she wouldnt show up or Just tell us she couldn't come THENNNN we finally got her to show up, and this time I told her I could NOT DO THE INK IN THE EYE😡😡. Well she not only inked my eye again but she stabbed me in the with the gun a few times😤😤.. So after that I was very hesitant to let someone else even try or get close to my eyes🙈. So I prayed for the perfect person and the Good Lord BLESSED me with Shanan, since then I've had my eyeliner done and touched up as well as my lips done.. Never felt a thing, and made an awesome friend forever.. 😘😘 she is the only one I would ever been recommend. This is a picture of me with no extra makeup on, only what is tattooed on.. She is amazing!! Love her❤ 

Amanda S.

November 2015

I LOVE mine! i work early early early...its wonderful waking up and pulling up my hair throwing on clothes and heading to work at the gym and having a face on! my treatment didn't hurt...the swelling wasn't lips felt sunburned so it was tolerable! I am so glad i had the procedure and Shanan is absolutely amazing and treats her customers with such love and care! Its well worth the investment!

Kelli F.

December 2012

I love love love mine!!! and I really didnt have much swelling at all! And very little pain! and all well worth it!!!


Vicki S.

December 2012

Shanan Zickefoose is truly an artist. The end result of permanent makeup is beautiful! To answer common questions I am asked, No. there was no pain. I endured no injections. Topical numbing offered me complete comfort. I must also add that Shanan's personality and kind and professional ways left me very much at ease. Not only is she... a professional, she is a friend. I first went to her for permanent eye liner. I followed with brows and lips. Since the procedure, I have never been asked if I have permanent makeup, I have to mention it. Then people are shocked. Typical comments include, "No way! That's a tattoo?!" I explain that it is not a tattoo. It is permanent makeup. The benefits that come with all three procedures include a 3 minute get-ready time regarding makeup application. I wear mascara and clear lip gloss. The money I have saved by no longer buying makeup is huge, and continues. I am 44 years old and find that less tugging and pulling around the delicate eye area reduces the likelihood of more wrinkles occurring sooner, rather than later. Swimming, sweating during exercise, or even just out of the shower; my makeup looks the same. This is truly a gift to have done. My life is easier. Thank you, Shanan, for being such a talented artist, kind person, and ethical professional. (Picture is provided above)

Vicki H.

June 2011

Shanan did my eyeliner and I love it!! She did a terrific job and they look great!

Wendi M.

May 2011

It's nice to have eyebrows again! :)


March 2009

I am so glad to have had you do my full lip color today. I will rave about you for a long time. 


February 2009

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know very much I LOVE my eyeliner!!!  It is great. I hope this finds you doing well. Thanks again.


Before you did my permanent makeup, I would have never gone out of the house without applying makeup and now I do all the time and feel comfortable!


This makeup makes me feel like me again! Enjoy your day!!!


I had my eyeliner done by Shanan and absolutely love it. I never thought in a million years that I would ever consider doing something like this, but I am so glad I did! It takes someone with a special talent to have such a steady hand in applying make-up in such a tender area such as the eye and Shanan did a great job. You also have to completely trust your make-up artist because of the work that they are doing is permanent. Shanan did an exceptional job and I would recommend her to anyone that is interested in permanent make-up. I have no regrets!

Kellyn R.

Shanan is wonderful! I had such a great time getting my permanent make-up done and love it so much! I have had two sessions with her and I'm looking forward to having more done in the future. I walked in very nervous, because afterall, this is permanent...however Shanan took time to explain in detail the procedure and patiently listened and answered all of my questions and never once did I feel pressured. I ended up getting my eyebrows, eyeliner & lips done and LOVE IT!!! I highly recommend her to anyone even remotely thinking about having this done. Shanan is very professional and extremely skilled at this art. I feel like I not only gained confidence in my appearance, but I also gained a new friend! I would not trust my face to anyone else!!!


I would recommend Shanan to anyone out there considering permanent make up. There is basically no pain, she uses a topical ointment only, no needles for numbing! She is very careful to make sure everything is sterile. And she is great about making sure that you are not over done! She takes time to figure out what you want & what will look good on you! And that is exactly what she does! She did my eyeliner & brow & I love it! everyone is always shocked when I tell them it is permanent make up! I will be getting my lips done soon! It just makes life more simple! so if your thinking about it, quit thinking & go for it! You'll be glad you did! One last thing I might add don't have to be wealthy to do this for yourself, Shanan is very reasonable, so check her out!



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