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Microblading Eyebrows

This is a manual hand tool method of placing permanent makeup pigment to resemble individual hairs. Hair stroke permanent eyebrows have been around since the beginning of permanent cosmetics, and this term was re-branded with a new term, "Microblading." This technique is not successful on oily skin or over previous permanent makeup. The technician reserves the right to forgo this procedure if the client is not a good candidate. Unfortunately, it will not be a successful procedure for most skin types. Fortunately, most clients will be great candidates for powder-filled style of permanent eyebrows. Please schedule either brow session if you are in question if you are a candidate or not, we can change the technique to powder brow during your session after we evaluate your brows and discuss your options. Other terms you may hear for this technique: feathered eyebrows, eyebrow extensions, microstroking, 3D eyebrows, and even 6D eyebrows.  

Microblading Eyebrows $750 

(Includes initial appointment; follow-ups are an additional fee)

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