Regeneration Medical Institute of Cosmetic Tattoo
 Fundamental Permanent Cosmetic Training Program
This very comprehensive curriculum and training institute has a 100% pass rate
with each fundamental student scoring very high scores! 

Shanan provides a very comprehensive student/trainer agreement contract to guarantee you will receive the following in her training: 

Fundamental teaching includes the following:
  1. Fundamental Textbook (400 pages) and additional Student Workbook

  2. SPCP's Book: Principles of Infection Control for the Tattoo Industry

  3. Eleven PowerPoint presentations to support in-class training (listed below)

  4. Observation of instructor procedures

  5. Practice on practice mediums (design and technique)​

  6. Procedures on models 

  7. Daily evaluations

  8. Practical written exam to prepare for Oklahoma state exam

Lesson Plan:
  • Class Orientation 

  • Introduction to Permanent Cosmetics 

  • Health and Safety, Disinfection, and Sterilization (with PowerPoint Presentation)

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Certification (4 hour online course), Students are required to take online prior to course start date. 

    • Infection Control PowerPoint​ (optional support material) 

  • The Work Place Set-Up 

  • Device(s) Overview 

  • Stretching Techniques to be employed during procedures 

    • Video support materials as well as observational and classroom examples

  • Client Management Skills (with PowerPoint Presentation)

  • Proper Use of Anesthetics (with advanced PowerPoint Presentation)

  • Anatomy of The Skin 

  • Identification of Skin Undertones (with PowerPoint Presentation)

  • Selecting Pigments (with PowerPoint Presentation)

  • Facial Morphology and Introduction to Procedures 

    • Eyeliner Design (with PowerPoint Presentation)

    • Eyebrow Design (with PowerPoint Presentation)

    • Lipcolor Design (with PowerPoint Presentation)

  • Permanent Cosmetic Color Theory (with PowerPoint Presentation)

  • Permanent Cosmetics Color Refreshers, Adjustments and Corrections (with PowerPoint Presentation)

  • Client History Forms 

    • Medical Issues​

  • Client Preparation and Follow-up

    • The Science Behind Healing the Tattoo Wound (with PowerPoint Presentation) 

  • Photography Tips

  • Micropigmentation Procedures (18-25 estimated)

  • Examinations and Evaluations

    • Daily clinical evaluations​

    • Written exam

  • Business Set-Up, Social Media, and Marketing Discussion

  • Class Support (one year of support)

    • On-Site Refresher Courses (See Student/Trainer Agreement)​

Course Cost= $15,000

Tuition includes everything needed for the course:

Student Supply Kit to use throughout the course and beyond: 

  • Fundamental Textbook 

  • Fundamental Workbook

  • Training Manual

  • Rotary Tattoo Machine and Power Source (Valued at over $1,000)

  • Starter Tray Set-Up supplies to be used during clinical hours and you keep what is leftover.

Instructor Provided Clinical Supplies for use in office: ​

  • Additional procedure supplies, cleaning supplies, practice mediums, disposables

  • Library Check-Out- Students have access to sign-out materials in our library, as we have thirteen years of continuing cosmetic tattoo education including printouts, printed resources, and books. 

Email for application.

Advanced Microblading Training: 

Microblading appears to be a simple procedure, but this is causing a lot of problems as it creates scarring for many clients. Clients are often seeking correction and removal of their very gray or orange brows from both experienced technicians and unlicensed persons. Many clients and technicians are finally learning this technique was a fad that proved to be problematic for most clients. This is not a fundamental procedure, even though most clients have only heard of this for their brows and they do not know the damage this procedure can cause. Many of the educated professionals are not even offering microblading services anymore as they have suffered the consequences of this procedure. We professionals are offering education to our clients when they come in seeking this technique they have only seen on YouTube or social media sites as an immediate after procedure. They often do not see actual healed work, which provides the truth of our work.  When the new technicians gain experience, they are able to guide their clients towards safer techniques that heal out the best for their clientele. For those few clients who actually have skin that qualifies for this service, they are considered for this advanced technique. This advanced training is something Shanan offers, and she will teach you about the client's who qualify for this service as well as proper brow mapping and color choices. Attention all Oklahoma residentsyou must have a current license for Oklahoma Medical Micropigmentation prior to microblading training. Proof of license is required prior to enrolling. Residents of other states, please check your state regulations prior to enrolling in microblading classes. If a license is required for your state, proof of license is required prior to enrolling. 

Two Day Class:
Cost= $3,500
Brow Mapping 
Microblading Tools
Demonstration from instructor and up to two models

Email for application.

Upcoming Course Details:  
2022 Fundamental Courses: 
Next Course Dates: January 3, 2022- May 2, 2022
  • Online portion starts no later than January 3
  • On-site clinicals begin mid-February.
  • Course completion: May 2, 2022.  
  • Current Openings:  ONE SPOT LEFT
  • Clinical class schedule: Mondays 9:00am - 4:00pm and some Tuesdays, TBD.  Clinical days may run as late as 5:00. Please plan accordingly. 
  • Fall Course Dates: July 18, 2022- November 15, 2022 
  • Currently Enrolling
Instructor: Shanan Zickefoose
Cost: $15,000. We are not able to financial aid at this time. We have a private lenders that we have secured for special financing. 
Supplies & Products: Included and yours to keep after the class. 
Students: Minimum of 3 required, but no more than 4.
Clinical Procedures Required: 18. We will help advertise but it is still your responsibility to provide all models.
Disclaimer: According to the Medical Micropigmentation laws for Oklahoma, you MUST work IN a doctor’s office (M.D., D.O. or D.D.S) when you perform permanent makeup and the physician must be currently practicing. The doctor cannot “vouch for you” to work at a location he/she is not working at.

Potential students: 

Shanan truly believes in providing a very comprehensive education platform and she focuses on teaching her initial students in a beginners' fundamental program, this is not an intermediate or advanced program. Many students are calling looking for fundamental training that includes very advanced techniques such as: scar work, areola training, tattoo lightening and removal, scalp micro pigmentation, and medical procedures which requires a minimal of an RN license such as medical microneedling training and they desire all of this during a fast tracked fundamentals course. This three month program is designed to meet the basic state requirements for state testing. 


To explain better, we as consumers typically do not desire to have surgery from a new graduate from medical school. The surgeons are specialists that have many years of working with advanced training before they perform surgery. While permanent makeup is not the same as medical school, please consider there is advanced training in every field and the expertise must be respected. As of 2020, Shanan has trained all over the United States over the last fourteen years as well as received her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. Like her colleagues, she focused on mastering the art of permanent makeup, such as brows, eyeliner and lips for over six years before moving on to advanced training. Scars, scalp work, and areola are very advanced work and they are very unpredictable procedures. To be respectful of those who have learned before us, please do not enter this industry to rush towards advanced work. There are steps towards learning advanced techniques. 


Shanan offers all of her students additional training after graduation, which can include intermediate and advanced techniques. These are scheduled in advance for the current intermediate and advanced training fee rate. 

As a courtesy, Shanan provides many opportunities to support the graduate fundamental students' education. She allows them to occasionally schedule times to shadow her; and when needed, she provides opportunities to work on live models after graduation. This information is in the student trainer agreement contract. 

Tribal Students seeking grants: 

Shanan Zickefoose' credentials and her comprehensive course is recognized and accredited by some tribes, please contact your tribe for assistance.

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Multimedia Fundamental Permanent Cosmetics Training Program

300-Hour Lesson Plan

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