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Permanent Eyebrows/Powder Brow Appearance

Eyebrows naturally frame and balance your face. Some women experience thinning brows and have the unfortunate task of designing their brows daily. Using your natural brow, we are able to design a beautiful brow that is more symmetrical for your face. With permanent makeup, you can eliminate the need to use a pencil to replace brows that are missing, thin, or too light. You can save so much time when you eliminate the daily need for brow contour and design. This technique we use heals to appear like a very soft brow powder with the edges fading out gradually.  Shanan's brows are a prime example and she loves to show off her personal brows. This is the style she teaches to all of her students and 99% of her clients choose this technique when they see it in person. We have many pictures we can show you in the office.  This technique is appropriate for all clients. 


Permanent Eyebrows $600

(Includes initial appointment; follow-ups are an additional fee)


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