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Microneedling - MicroChannelling

This is a great medical service provided by an RN or other medical provider and is a non-surgical treatment for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, plumping skin and scar revision. Without injecting any fillers or other products, microneedle therapy communicates with the body's system stimulating the collagen and elastin in the skin to regenerate, thus minimizing wrinkles and scarring. In addition to minimizing wrinkles, it tightens the skin. It is an excellent way to plump lips and raise the cupid’s bow or minimize the wrinkles around the mouth brows or eyes. You can benefit from anti-aging by virtue of microneedling as it can treat brown aging spots, too! In addition to the needling, we utilize the best therapeutic post-needling skin care available. Microneedling lasts longer than any injectable filler currently on the market. Healing time is a few days, and the healed results are visible in a few weeks, and they continue to improve for up to four months. We have offered microneedling since 2009 and have continued to watch this technique become more and more popular in the last few years (2014-current). Plan to schedule your services 2-8 weeks apart until you achieve optimal results. Your individualized treatment plan will vary based on the type of outcome we are trying to achieve. The types of scars vary as do wrinkles. Acne scars may be raised, or hills or valleys, and each will require the appropriate treatment time frame. The goal is to work with your keratinocyte cycle to achieve the appropriate collagen and elastin production. Annual maintenance recommended for wrinkle treatments.  Schedule a consultation and we will build you a treatment plan. Aftercare products are retailed at a discount and are optional but strongly recommended. 

We have two different types of microneedling/ microchannelling. One involves Procell stem cells and is pricier than traditional microneedling. 

Priced per session or by package. Book online and we will discuss pricing for packages in office. 


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